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state-of-the-art bariatric weight loss surgery

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At TreVita, we offer state-of-the-art bariatric weight loss surgery through our network of surgical facilities and U.S Board-Certified surgeons.

These procedures are designed to help you return to a healthy weight and reduce your risk of developing secondary health issues. The procedure you choose will be a combination of what you want and what your surgeon recommends.

As with all surgeries, you will need to be evaluated by our partner surgeons to assess your current medical history. They will determine what type of surgery is best for you. Once approved for surgery, our expert client coordinators will help you prepare for your weight loss journey.

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Results of Bariatric Surgery

The procedure can help a patient achieve long-term weight loss in combination with lifestyle changes. Patients can lose one-half to two-thirds of their excess weight within two years after their surgery.

Bariatric surgery can also resolve associated conditions, such as:

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Bariatric Procedures Offered

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Weight Loss Surgery FAQs

You have questions, we have answers.

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A: Your surgeon will advise on that. When you fill out your application and medical questionnaire, we send it to your chosen surgical facility. The doctor will review the information you provide and discuss your best surgical options with you. Then he or she will approve you for one of the procedures offered that best addresses. your medical concerns.

A: Post-operative weight loss can vary greatly between patients and procedures performed, but historically we’ve seen somewhere between 50%-70% total excess weight loss in the first 6 months.
A: Surgery time and recovery is often specific to the patient and the procedure being performed. That said, most procedures take less than a few hours with a total hospital day not exceeding 3 nights. If, however, you’d like additional time to recover and relax, rooms are available in the hospital’s “hotel” wing for an additional cost. Specific instructions for post-operative recovery once you’re back in the U.S. will be provided by your surgeon.
A: After your surgery, you retain the ability to communicate with your surgeon and their staff. Additionally, you will have access to the TreVita Wellness Subscription to empower and guide you as progress.
A: You must be at least 18 years old, or the age of legal majority in your jurisdiction of residence, to register with and use the TreVita service.

A: We accept several convenient payment methods. For more information, please read our Cancellation Policy.

A: TreVita now offers financing! Sundance Medical Financing is proud to be the exclusive lender for TreVita – the most trusted and customer-focused medical tourism company specializing in bariatric procedures.

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We are based in San Diego, California and our guest experiences combine luxury, safety, value, and positive outcomes. We work closely with our guests to ensure the procedure they ultimately select is best suited to accomplish their goals. We work exclusively with Board certified doctors and world class facilities to deliver an unparalleled experience. We offer a superior experience that delivers exceptional results, and provide our guests with the resources they need to become the best possible version of themselves.