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Post-Op Support

Trevita Post-Op Surgery Support

When you choose TreVita, the journey doesn’t end after you get surgery. Your success in the long term is our mission, and that’s why we included a comprehensive support program to ensure that you have the tools you need to achieve a happier and healthier life.

We accompany you on your journey and celebrate every milestone along the way.

Each type of therapy includes its own specific Post-Op Support.

For Bariatric clients, one week after your surgery you’ll get to have a post-surgery video consultation with your surgeon to answer any questions, comments, or concerns you might have. In addition, we offer 6 months of post-op check-in calls with our support team to offer clients the emotional support they need, as well as answer any post-op questions.

For Cosmetic procedures, the post-up support will ensure that your recovery goes as planned. The duration will vary based on the type of procedure took place. Our goal is to be with you through the entirety of the process and it doesn’t end until your recovery.

Bariatric 12 Months Post-op Surgery Program

Video Call with The Surgeon

1 week after surgery

Phone Call with Specialist

1 month after surgery

Video Call Follow-up

1 month after surgery with the TreVita Team

Video Call Follow-up

3 months after surgery with the TreVita Team

Video Call Follow-up

6 months after surgery with the TreVita Team

Video Call Follow-up

12 months after surgery with the TreVita Team

Bariatric Nutritionist

You’ll also benefit from a nutritionist who will have an in-person consultation with you the day after surgery.

After a week, you will have a video consultation where she will provide a diet for you for the next few months.

Make sure to follow each day carefully to see the results you want!

If you have questions or need guidance, we can schedule additional calls with the nutritionist upon your request.

A compassionate healthcare professional providing post-op support on a call with a client, ensuring their recovery is smooth and supported.

24/7 Support

Have more questions? Connect with us at any time with our unlimited 24/7 text message & Facebook message line for questions with the TreVita client care team. Our team will help you navigate any questions you may have and give you support to set you up for success.

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