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Breaking Even: When Bariatric Surgery Pays for Itself

Bariatric surgery can seem costly. But have you contemplated the long-term savings you can gain on groceries, dining out, medications, and even wardrobe changes? When will Bariatric surgery pay for itself? Could the savings you make after bariatric surgery cover the cost of the surgery itself? If so, how quickly could you achieve this financial milestone?

In this blog, we will explore grocery bills, potential medication expenses linked to obesity, lifestyle transformations, and various factors that directly affect your finances. We’ll calculate the potential savings you could enjoy following bariatric surgery. The results might pleasantly surprise you!

According to TreVita Medical Tourism, the cost of weight loss surgery, performed by highly experienced, board-certified doctors in Mexico, ranges between $6,000 to $8,000. This comprehensive package encompasses all surgery-related expenses, preoperative consultations, screenings, luxury accommodations, post-op care, medications, a year of follow-up consultations with nutritionists and doctors, and much more.

We will calculate using an estimated price of $7,500.

Groceries & Food: 

For this blog, we spoke to Susan B., a woman in her mid-30s who recently underwent bariatric surgery, and prior to surgery, her lifestyle was as follows:

  • Eating mostly processed foods, eating out three times a week, drinking mostly sodas and sugary drinks, fast food, and grocery shopping that included frozen goods, canned foods, bread, pastries, sweets, among others.
  • Susan B. was also in the early stages of developing type 2 diabetes and developed arthritis in her knees because of  weight. She visits her doctor every 3-4 months and takes medication for diabetes and pain.

Total Monthly Food Costs

your surgery could pay for itself in under a year.

By consuming raw vegetables, healthier drinks, lean meats, cooking at-home meals, and totaling an average of a healthy 1,200-1,400 calories per day, your surgery could pay for itself in under a year. 

Let’s look at other variables that will increase savings following bariatric surgery.

Medications and Dr. Visits (with Insurance):

  • Diabetes Medication: Metformin, insulin, and others (estimated at $50/month)
  • Arthritis Medication: Celecoxib (estimated at $50/month)

The patient visits their doctor once every three months with a $20 co-pay per visit.

Medication Type Monthly Cost ($) Annual Cost ($)
Diabetes Medication $50 $600
Arthritis Medication $50 $600
Doctor’s Visits (Co-pay) $20 every 3 months $80
Total Cost $120 $1,280


Without insurance, medication costs might soar to $500 monthly, or $6,000 yearly. But the great news is that weight loss surgery can often reverse these health issues, leading to reduced medication and doctor visit expenses, and possibly eliminating costs for obesity-related conditions.

Clothing, Household Items, Travel, & More: 

According to this  report, on average, plus-size clothing can be 10% to 30% more expensive than standard-sized clothing. Beyond the higher cost of plus-size clothing, individuals may also need to spend more on alterations to ensure proper fit. That could be on average $40-$60 per garment.

Some individuals may need to invest in specialized furniture, such as larger beds or chairs, to accommodate their size and weight.

Airlines may charge extra fees for individuals who require more than one seat due to their size. These fees can vary significantly from one airline to another and are generally based on the fare class and the specific flight.

The cost can range from a few hundred dollars to the price of an additional ticket, depending on the airline’s policies.

 cost can range

Conclusion: When Bariatric Surgery Pays for Itself

While bariatric surgery in Mexico could cost an average of $6,000-$8,000, the price of being overweight greatly surpasses those costs in the short and long term.

For someone like Susan B., reduced food costs save her $9,600 per year, and potentially $1,200 for medications costs. That would bring her total savings to $10, 800 per year. This means bariatric surgery at TreVita could pay for itself with savings made in less than 9 months!

When making decisions, consider the long-term financial benefits, and remember that your journey toward a healthier, happier you begins with one empowering choice. Your future is full of possibilities, promising not only better health but also an improved home and family life, with overall finances getting stronger as you embark on this transformative journey.


While we’ve provided estimated cost savings in this blog post, it’s important to recognize that individual costs may differ due to factors such as medical conditions and insurance coverage. The great thing is that TreVita offers both financing and flexible payment plans for weight los surgery, and individuals can request information to gain a more comprehensive understanding of their potential financial benefits. These benefits could indeed surpass the figures outlined in this blog, providing you with even greater financial flexibility for your unique circumstances.

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