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Can You Drink Alcohol After Gastric Sleeve? What You Need To Know

Getting gastric sleeve surgery is one of the best ways to enhance weight loss. However, if you’ve just had one or if you’re considering one, you may be wondering how to maintain your health properly.

Your post-op nutrition and diet should follow some clear rules. One of the things you should keep in mind is the level of alcohol. So in this article, let’s discuss the idea of if you can drink alcohol after gastric sleeve surgery.

What Is Gastric Sleeve?

Gastric sleeve surgery removes around 75% of your stomach. What remains is a small tube-shaped stomach that makes you feel full faster. This helps you lose weight over time by eating less.

Gastric Sleeve And Alcohol

It’s important to avoid certain things, such as drinking soda after a gastric sleeve, or drinking beer after a gastric sleeve. Your healing depends on your body having plenty of nutrition and avoiding toxins like alcohol consumption.

So if you’re considering drinking alcohol after your gastric sleeve surgery, here’s what you should know in terms of side effects:


Alcohol can cause nausea when you’re still healing from gastric sleeve. If this occurs, then stop drinking immediately. Try drinking some tea, water, and soup. Maybe get some fresh air as well.


Because of your smaller stomach, you may not be able to process as much alcohol as the past. Your stomach can become inflamed, which could cause vomiting.

You might also become more intoxicated at a faster pace. So drinking alcohol is not typically recommended.

Drinking Alcohol And Precautions

Typically you want to avoid alcohol completely up to one year after your surgery. You’ll be losing a lot of weight during this period, which also makes it more difficult for your body to process the alcohol.

Drink in small quantities if you do consume any alcohol. If you find yourself having issues staying away from alcohol, get a friend or family member involved.

Give yourself plenty of time between drinks. And always make sure you have some food in your stomach if you consume alcohol.

Can I Drink Alcohol After Gastric Sleeve?

For the most part, the answer is no – it’s just not a good idea. It provides no benefits to your fat loss or overall health journey.

How Long After Gastric Sleeve Can I Drink Alcohol?

As with anything, drugs and alcohol should be consumed in moderation. Do not drink alcohol 1 month after gastric sleeve, or even for several months. You should aim to avoid alcohol as much as humanly possible within the first year of your operation.

Even after that, be kind to your body. Only drink in small quantities and understand that your new stomach is designed to help you lose weight. Therefore, it’s not going to process food or liquor as quickly.

So if you do pick up alcoholic drinks again after your healing period, start small. Give yourself several hours between drinks and only drink occasionally.

Gastric Sleeve For Weight Loss — Mexico

As always, you can consult your gastric surgeon for more information. If you’re considering gastric sleeve in Mexico, contact the experts at TreVita today. And discover how to get lasting weight change in your life.

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