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Financing Weight Loss Surgery

Bariatric surgery can sometimes feel like navigating a maze filled with challenges and financial hurdles. If you’ve found your way here, know that you’re not alone in this journey, and you don’t have to bear the weight by yourself. There are financing options available to help ease the financial strain that often accompanies this transformative decision, and TreVita has some of the best financing options in the industry. TreVita makes financing weight loss surgery easy.

Financing Weight Loss Surgery: TreVita’s Exclusive Partnership with Sundance

TreVita is the only Medical Tourism Company that has an exclusive partnership with Sundance Medical Financing. This relationship allows clients to tailor their financing plan according to their personal needs and budget. This includes:

  • Monthly payments of as little as $192/month*
  • Affordable: Low fixed rates and no hidden fees
  • Flexible: Apply for $2k-12k with 2 to 3-year terms
  • Fast: Takes less than 5 minutes to apply
  • Customer Focused: No prepayment penalties
  • Downpayment: As little as $500 down to book your surgery

“I saved over $20,000 dollars with [TreVita] instead of going through insurance in America for this surgery,” said Lindsay H., who chose TreVita for her bariatric surgery. Once the financial aspect of her surgery was taken care of, she could fully focus on her recovery and self-care.

Application Process for Financing Your Weight Loss Surgery with TreVita

Application Process for Financing Your Weight Loss Surgery with TreVita

1) Get a Quote from Your TreVita Consultant

2) Complete Sundance’s Application Process

You can apply here and your TreVita consultant will help you navigate the process! Your TreVita consultant can answer most questions you have about the process.

3) Secure Your Surgery Date

Once you are approved for your loan, secure your surgery date by paying your TreVita deposit here!

Payment Options for Financing your Weight Loss Surgery

Let’s dive into one of the most fantastic perks of choosing TreVita for financing – their reliable payment options. Being an American company, TreVita takes your data security seriously, strictly following the cybersecurity policies and guidelines set by the U.S. Plus, they’ve streamlined their payment methods to align with what you’re already familiar with. Whether you prefer to make payments through Zelle (which collaborates with over 1,800 financial institutions of all sizes), opt for ACH, credit card, or even wire transfer, TreVita has you covered. The best part? No hidden fees, no sneaky strings attached – just straightforward and hassle-free transactions. Your peace of mind and financial convenience are top priorities here.


It’s important to remember that TreVita’s consultants will not pressure you, and the client has complete control over their journey from beginning to end. TreVita’s experienced consultants are there to answer your questions and inform you of every step to make informed decisions you feel confident about.

Things to Keep in Mind: 

When it comes to the costs of surgery, one thing to keep in mind is that it’s not a one-size-fits-all scenario. Several factors come into play, including the type of surgery you opt for and your BMI. Your doctor’s guidance is invaluable here, and they’ll always take the time to discuss the best options with you, never rushing into any decisions.

Now, let’s talk numbers – surgery costs typically range from $6,000 to $8,000. What’s great about this is that you’re not just paying for the procedure itself. This cost ensures you’ll be in the experienced hands of a board-certified surgeon, receive top-notch post-op care, stay in a private room while being closely monitored in the hospital, and indulge in some luxury accommodations. It’s an investment in your health and well-being that comes with a whole package of care and comfort.

Doing Your Research

Prior to booking your surgery, it’s important you research and ask questions. As the saying goes, “you get what you pay for”. If a company is offering the same procedures for less, their care and attention will also reflect the cheaper cost. Cutting corners in the medical field can be incredibly dangerous, and you must be sure you are choosing a reliable company to take care of you. Look up reviews, ask them about the post-op care, hospital stay, doctor’s qualifications, and follow ups. These are important in case of any complications or questions arise after your surgery.

Bariatric surgery is not just about shedding excess weight; it’s a path to reclaiming your health, boosting your confidence, and reviving your zest for life. Financial struggles should not get in the way of your mental and physical health.


*Based on a $5,695 loan for 36 months. Funding eligibility and terms may vary.

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