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Gastric Sleeve Mexico Guide 2023

Considering gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana but don’t know where to start? TreVita, Mexico’s premier choice for gastric sleeve surgery, is the solution! In this overview, quickly skim to grasp the essentials: Mexico’s rising popularity as a go-to destination, the numerous health and lifestyle benefits that a gastric sleeve surgery can bring, and TreVita’s role in ensuring access to superior medical facilities with attractive financing options. It’s about making your journey toward a healthier life safe, straightforward, and affordable. Dive into our article to gain a more comprehensive understanding.

Short Summary

  • Mexico is a popular destination for gastric sleeve surgery, offering experienced surgeons and renowned bariatric centers
  • Gastric Sleeve Surgery has numerous health and lifestyle benefits that can significantly improve quality of life
  • TreVita offers access to top medical facilities with financing options available to make the procedure more safe, simple, and more affordable



Choosing Gastric Sleeve in Mexico

Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico vs. The United States

A Cost Comparison of Weight Loss Surgery

Compared with the cost of bariatric surgery in the US–which can range from an estimate between $17,000 and $26,000 —or Canada, where wait times for insurance-covered bariatric surgeries can take up to two years or more, and the wait can be as long as four to five years. Typically, wait times between consultation with a specialist and surgery is six to twelve months—Mexico offers a lower price tag and more immediate access.

Choosing gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico can be an option to save money, but it is important to consider the quality standards, payment structure, and customer care at each provider.

However, you should not make your decision based on cost alone. Research patient reviews, inquire about board certifications, and examine financing options before selecting the gastric sleeve provider that best suits your needs.


Gastric Sleeve Requirements

Patients seeking gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico must meet certain requirements, such as:

  • Having a suitable body mass index (BMI) over 30
  • Being under 70 years old
  • Not having any acid reflux or conflicting pre-existing health conditions

Your provider will review your health information and provide any specific recommendations for your case.

With TreVita, every bariatric surgeon and medical facility we work with upholds our standards as a US-based company dedicated to providing the best client experience. Our team carefully vets each provider so you can feel confident about receiving quality care throughout your journey. We understand the importance of safety and comfort during this life-changing decision and strive to make it as stress-free as possible.



Benefits of Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric Sleeve Surgery offers numerous benefits that can dramatically improve your quality of life. Not only does it help with weight loss, but it also leads to health improvements and lifestyle enhancements.

Let’s delve deeper into these benefits:

1. Health Improvements

According to the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS), most bariatric surgery patients with diabetes, dyslipidemia, hypertension, and obstructive sleep apnea typically experience remission of these obesity-related diseases.

Studies show patients typically lose the most weight 1-2 years after bariatric surgery and see significant weight improvements in obesity-related conditions.

Health Improvements

Patients also experience significant weight loss, losing as much as 60% of excess weight six months after surgery, and 77% of excess weight as early as 12 months after surgery.

Patients typically experience:

  • Reduction in hunger sensation
  • Reduction in high blood pressure and other comorbidities
  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Positive effects on their emotional state

The overall health improvements and better quality of life achieved through gastric sleeve surgery are remarkable. By adhering to a healthy lifestyle post-surgery, patients can maintain their weight loss and continue to experience the health benefits for years to come.


2. Lifestyle Enhancements

Lifestyle Enhancements

Gastric sleeve surgery offers numerous lifestyle enhancements in addition to health benefits. Patients typically experience improved overall health, daily functioning, social and emotional well-being, and physical appearance. Furthermore, patients often have more energy to spend time with their kids or significant other, as well as increased confidence in themselves due to improved physical appearance.

With the newfound energy gained from this procedure, patients can be more involved in physical activities and sports, leading to reduced depression and anxiety levels.


Finding Top Facilities for Bariatric Surgery in Mexico

Top Facilities for Bariatric Surgery in Mexico

Mexico is home to some of the most acclaimed bariatric surgery centers in the world, with certified surgeons and facilities providing exemplary care. Since Tijuana’s rise as the global hub for all bariatric procedures and services, tremendous resources have been poured into Mexican medical centers to ensure high-quality healthcare standards are met.

All of these efforts have paid off, as Mexico now boasts numerous facilities that adhere to both local and international standards of care. It should also be noted that many of these facilities provide access to advanced technology and innovative techniques, ensuring that patients receive safe and effective treatments tailored to their individual needs.



Travel to Mexico for Gastric Sleeve

Recognizing the need to facilitate access to superior bariatric healthcare services in Mexico, TreVita Medical Tourism has emerged as a noteworthy concierge service. It plays an integral role in offering Americans a pathway to these top-tier health resources. As a unique platform, TreVita is centered around providing a smooth transition for individuals seeking life-changing medical experiences in Tijuana, thus further cementing the city’s reputation as a leading global destination for bariatric care.



Preparing for Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Mexico

Preparing for Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Mexico

1. Getting Approved for a Gastric Sleeve

Getting Approved for a Gastric Sleeve

Begin your journey to better health with TreVita by completing a straightforward health form. This allows us to evaluate your medical history and determine the best bariatric procedure for your weight loss goals. Unlike the lengthy 12-week wait you might face in the US, TreVita can get get your application reviewed within 48 hours.

Once approved, trust in TreVita to guide you through the pre-surgery process. We’ll help you with everything from the necessary documentation to a pre-op diet designed to prepare your body for a safe and effective procedure.

2. Having a Payment Plan that Suits You

Next, you’ll establish a payment plan that works for your budget. Unlike many clinics that require full payment upfront, TreVita offers flexible financial solutions. All it takes is a small deposit to reserve your spot for your surgery date.

Our payment options include gradual out-of-pocket payments or applying for financing through our partnership with Sundance Medical Financing. This flexibility allows you to pay in monthly installments leading up to your surgery date.

3. Choosing Your Surgery Date

The final step involves scheduling your bariatric surgery. At TreVita, we respect your schedule and can arrange appointments up to a year in advance with our network of bariatric surgeons, medical facilities, hotels, and ground transportation. Plus, you can reschedule at no additional cost.

After setting your surgery date, you’ll enter our seamless onboarding process. This includes guidance on:

  • What to pick
  • Your detailed itinerary
  • Coordination of flight times and private ground transportation pickup
Choosing Your Surgery Date


The Gastric Sleeve Procedure

The Gastric Sleeve Procedure

A Gastric Sleeve, also known as Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy, is a minimally-invasive surgery performed on the stomach. This 1-2 hour weight-loss procedure consists of making the stomach into a long tube, or “sleeve”, by removing two-thirds of the stomach which delivers quicker and more prolonged satiety (sense of fullness) and decreased appetite. The smaller stomach pouch restricts food intake by allowing only a limited amount of food to be eaten at one time.


Post-Operative Care and Recovery

Post-Operative Care and Recovery

1. Diet and Nutrition

The post-operative diet plan for gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico begins with a liquid diet for a few days, including Bariatric Protein Meals, progressing to soft food, and eventually, a regular diet. It is essential to consume vitamins and supplements to address any potential nutritional deficiencies.

Patients are advised to consume liquids in the form of ice cubes and 8 oz water bottles to ensure adequate hydration. Consuming too much liquid too quickly can result in stomach inflammation and discomfort.

Adhering to the prescribed diet plan is crucial for the success of your weight loss surgery, as it helps maintain weight loss and promotes overall well-being.

2. Exercise and Physical Activity

Following gastric sleeve surgery, it is crucial to engage in low-impact activities such as walking to ensure proper recovery. If clients aren’t participating in any heavy lifting, that is lifting anything upwards of 30-40 lbs, they are generally allowed to go back to work a couple of days after their procedure.

During the initial postoperative period, a low activity level is advised. It is crucial to abstain from vigorous exercises such as cardio, pilates, and weight lifting for a period of 6 to 8 weeks until complete recovery is achieved.

Adhering to an exercise plan and gradually increasing physical activity is vital for long-term success and overall health improvement following gastric sleeve surgery.


Potential Risks and Complications

Potential Risks and Complications

Gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico is a safe and effective procedure for those seeking to reduce their weight and improve their health. The American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery has concluded that bariatric surgery is as safe or safer than some of the most commonly performed surgeries in America, including gallbladder surgery, appendectomy, and knee replacement.

Furthermore, the risk of death associated with bariatric surgery is estimated at 0.1%, while the overall likelihood of major complications from bariatric procedures is 4%.

Additionally, the gastric sleeve is a minimally invasive procedure (laparoscopic) where the surgeon only needs to make a few small incisions in your abdomen to operate. Gastric Sleeve Surgery has a low risk of complications compared to other procedures such as Cholecystectomy or Hysterectomy.


Client Testimonials and Success Stories

At TreVita, we’ve had the honor of working with countless clients who have pursued gastric sleeve surgery, a powerful tool for transforming lives. One such client, Tonya, came to us seeking change and found incredible success through her procedure.

Our team oversaw Tonya’s journey, guiding her toward remarkable, weight loss surgery results. By losing 126 pounds and dropping from a size 18 to a size 4, Tonya experienced an incredible transformation.

Tonya’s journey

Tonya’s story is just one of many that showcase the life-changing rewards offered by gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico. We’re proud to offer our clients exceptional care and treatments that can help them achieve their personal goals for health and happiness.


Financing for Gastric Sleeve in Mexico

Financing options for gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico, include payment plans and insurance coverage. Personal loans, self-pay, loans from friends and family, and financing programs offered by specialized companies.

TreVita is proud to partner with Sundance Medical Financing which offers low monthly payments and financing options for all our clients at various credit types – providing reliable access to top-notch healthcare opportunities. Our unique relationship with Sundance ensures that we can provide our clients with affordable high-quality medical treatment and tourism experiences.



In conclusion, gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico offers an affordable, safe, and life-changing solution for individuals struggling with obesity. Through proper research and using a trusted provider like TreVita, you can get gastric sleeve surgery with Mexico’s renowned medical facilities, experienced surgeons, and exceptional post-operative care, Mexico has become a top destination for weight loss surgery. By following the recommended diet, nutrition, and exercise plans, gastric sleeve patients can achieve lasting results and significantly improve their quality of life. Embark on your weight loss journey today and experience the transformative power of gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico.

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