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International Surgery = Better Care & Less Cost

Debating whether or not to get an elective surgery in a different country? Scheduling an international surgery can come across as a daunting task.

While everyone wants the best quality care, the issue is that most of the time that level of care is unaffordable. Due to this situation, the majority of Americans are forced to accept a low quality of care.

However, high quality care at an affordable cost is achievable when exploring international surgery. There is no global standard for healthcare, so you have to do the research to ensure you’re going to a safe surgical facility with a reputable surgeon.



Balancing Quality and Cost

Balancing Quality and Cost

Firstly, for evaluating where to get an elective surgery everyone must balance two factors:

  1. Quality – What facility can offer me the highest quality surgery or procedure.
  2. Cost – What facility is the most affordable (aka what is the best price).


The International Arbitrage

Secondly, the uniqueness we identified is that if you have connections and access to the international medical community, you can get high quality care internationally forThe International Arbitrage the same price, or even lower, as low quality care in the US.

The reason this works is that American consumers can use their strong US dollars to purchase services in countries (such as Mexico) where the local currency is much cheaper. This unique situation allows Americans to get higher quality medical procedures at lower prices.


TreVita Gives You Access

TreVita provides its patients the access and education required to take advantage of this opportunity.

If you have any questions regarding the medical tourism process or where to begin, contact our team today. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours!

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