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Most Common Misconceptions of Bariatric Surgery in Mexico

In the realm of medical advancements, bariatric surgery shines as a beacon of hope for people looking to overcome obesity and its associated health challenges. However, there are common misconceptions about traveling outside the US for surgical procedures that have misled the public. Today, we are bringing you the facts and unveiling the opportunities bariatric surgery offers with medical tourism. From safety measures and post-operative experiences to the qualifications of the esteemed medical professionals and remarkable cost-effectiveness of the processes, we will tell you what you need to ask to make sure you are confident about your decision and are aware of the most common misconceptions of bariatric surgery in Mexico.

image of mexican flag with things people might not know and common misconceptions of undergoing bariatric surgery in mexico with trevita

Safety and Qualifications that Inspire Confidence From Misconceptions

A common misconception of bariatric surgery in Mexico are the credentials of doctors and surgeons. The certifications of Mexican medical professionals stand tall on the global stage. Mexico’s robust medical education system nurtures highly skilled surgeons and specialists, many of whom have been trained in prestigious international medical institutions and possess both Mexican and American board certifications. The key to finding optimal care lies in diligent research—examining surgeon credentials, experience, and patient feedback to make an informed decision.

Lyndsay Holmes, an American who underwent a gastric sleeve procedure in Mexico with TreVita recently commented on her experience:

“The level of care I received far surpassed other competitors in my opinion. My doctor (my anesthesiologist nutritionist, and the others doctors, nurses and staff as well) was knowledgeable, patient, and kind.” said Ms. Holmes who chose TreVita for her surgery. “I feel I got better care by a more attentive staff than in hospitals I’ve been to before in America.”

It is important to find a medical tourism company that is open about their vetting process and proudly adheres to international medical benchmarks, offering patients access to state-of-the-art facilities. Most importantly, conducting pre-operative screenings is crucial to determine the best procedure for you.

Post-Operative Bliss: The Road to Recovery

One misconception is the idea that post-operative care in Mexico falls short of international norms. On the contrary, many Mexican clinics provide comprehensive post-operative care that rivals the best in the world. This encompasses regular follow-up appointments, personalized dietary guidance, and even mental support. At TreVita, for example, patient feedback resoundingly praises the effectiveness of these all-encompassing care programs, showcasing the commitment of professionals to ensuring their patients’ well-being.

Recent clients at Trevita commented on how her post-op experience really put them at ease, and how impressed they were throughout their journey:

“The normal dread and fear of traveling alone [for surgery] was totally eliminated,” said Rachel Norman. “TreVita even makes sure that they provide you, the patient, with the appropriate diet before and after surgery!! All of the details of pre-op and post-op care are listed in depth.”

“The medical staff, Doctors, nurses, anesthesiologist, nutritionist and My Surgeon were very professional as well as caring, make me feel at easy as they explained the procedure and what part they would be involved. My post op care was wonderful, even the Doctors were attentive to my needs,” explained Griselda Ohrazda.

Medical Tourism Considerations

However, it’s important to note that not all medical tourism companies offer the same level of service. Those who choose the wrong medical travel company could find themselves in less desirable situations, such as sharing a room with multiple patients and feeling rushed during their hospital stay. This stark difference is precisely why TreVita clients are provided with exclusive benefits. A Common misconception of bariatric surgery in Mexico is the quality. With TreVita, quality is what we specialize in. TreVita’s package includes a personal private hospital room at no additional charge, a free companion for their entire stay, and immediate health monitoring at the hospital following the surgery. They also offer private drivers and comprehensive post-operative care extending up to 12 months. We also include follow-up appointments with doctors and conduct frequent check-ins.

Financing & Scheduling: You should never feel rushed!

One of the most exciting aspects of opting for bariatric surgery in Mexico is the remarkable cost-effectiveness it offers. In stark contrast to the often expensive prices in the United States, Mexican medical procedures present an affordable alternative. This option does not fall short on quality. Countless success stories underscore the fact that patients can embark on transformative journeys without the financial strain. Undergoing surgery in Mexico can be a third of the cost versus paying $15,000-$20,000 in the US.

However, as you make this very important decision, the medical tourism company’s openness should be evident from the start. You should never feel rushed to schedule a surgery, or anytime during your journey. Your time is valuable.

Client Highlights: Bariatric Surgery in Mexico

Chad Duncan, Julie Duncan and Christina Moore, recently partnered with TreVita. This was their take on the process:

“I’m very happy that I finally took a big step in my life that will change me forever and for the better too.  I was very skeptical and was back and forth on deciding what date to have the surgery and then that it was Tijuana. They were very patient with me and informing me on any doubts that I was having,” said Mr. Duncan.

Ms. Moore added, “Both my husband and I went to Tijuana for gastric sleeve.  They answered all our questions during the months leading up to surgery as we planned it for a few months out, and they went above and beyond.  They were very informative and prompt in responses.  We felt completely safe our entire trip.”

Most Common Misconceptions of Bariatric Surgery In Mexico: Summary

Partnering with TreVita ensures transparency, excellence, and comprehensive care. This article encourages individuals to delve into the truth of common misconceptions of bariatric surgery in Mexico. We hope debunking myths and highlighting the genuine opportunities will help those seeking lasting health and wellness through medical tourism.