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The Complete Diet Guide for After Bariatric Surgery

A weight loss surgical treatment is crucial in achieving your weight goals, and after bariatric surgery, a bad diet will keep you from getting the results you wish.

This is why following a healthy diet guide after your surgery and taking the right vitamins will put you in the fast track to lose weight and recover quicker.

Below are some guidelines for a healthy diet following bariatric surgery:

Start Small and Eat Slowly

A gastric sleeve surgery reduces the size of your stomach. You must limit your food consumption and reduce your portion sizes for this procedure. It’s also essential to separate large meals into small snacks throughout the day to prevent the stomach area from stretching.

Take time while eating. Begin with tiny portions, and take a break between bites if needed. After bariatric surgery, it is essential to prevent over-stretching the stomach and causing nausea.

When you stop massive meals, your body will adjust to digesting the food properly slower.

Eat Nutrient-Dense Food

Foods with saturated fat and sugar can provide more energy for your recovering body. For example, healthy snacks include sparkling fruits, yogurt, boiled eggs, nuts, or seeds.

Avoid Sugary Drinks

Consume water instead of sweetened beverages to help reduce calorie intake from liquids which can quickly add up. Sugary drinks like sodas, sweet tea, and juices should be avoided. Try to drink 8-12 cups of water daily and other beverages such as unsweetened coffee and tea.

When it comes to alcohol, it is best avoided as it can be accessible to over-consume. If alcohol is consumed, choose clear liquor with seltzer and lime instead of a beer or malt beverage.

Avoid Processed Snacks

Choose complex carbs like whole grains over simple carbs like white bread or crackers for lasting energy throughout the day and increased fiber consumption for gut health support. Processed snacks like chips, candy, and cookies should be avoided as they will cause a spike in blood sugar levels. Instead, reach for low-calorie snacks like vegetables with hummus or fresh fruit.

Plan & Prepare Meals in Advance

Meal prepping helps ensure you have nutritious meals ready when cravings hit without opting for unhealthy options due to a lack of planning. Some tips for meal prepping include:

a) Choosing nutrient-dense, high-protein foods such as lean meats, fish, eggs, dairy products, and legumes

b) Incorporating healthy fats like olive oil and nuts into meals

c) Eating a variety of vegetables to get adequate vitamins and minerals

d) Adding fresh herbs or spices to foods for flavor enhancers

Remember To Take the Supplements

After bariatric surgery, you must take nutritional vitamins and mineral dietary supplements daily. This is because your physique might also be unable to soak up all the vitamins you want from food due to the smaller belly size. You should look at what complement diagram you need to follow with your health practitioner or dietitian.

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