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Top 5 Amazing Benefits Of Bariatric Surgery In Mexico

Mexico is a popular destination for many Americans looking to undergo weight loss surgery, and for good reason. Bariatric surgery in Mexico is surprisingly accessible and reliable. Offering a variety of benefits that you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. Here are just a few of the numerous advantages of having bariatric surgery in Mexico!

Saving Money

While the U.S. is notorious for having a concerning nationwide obesity crisis, many Americans are sadly unable to undergo any surgery that could very well save their lives because of financial limits. Unfortunately, insurance doesn’t cover the overwhelmingly high cost of bariatric surgery in the U.S., starting from a whopping $23,000. Mexico, while still a developing country, offers a multitude of high-end surgical facilities for medical tourists in search of better quality and access to care at a more reasonable price.

Privacy and Discretion

While there isn’t any shame in going under the knife for the benefit of your wellbeing, many patients would rather keep their plans for weight loss surgery under wraps for a variety of different reasons. If you’re afraid to take a mysterious leave of absence from work because it will draw suspicion from your colleagues, as a medical tourist, you can simply tell them that you’re going on vacation. Furthermore, you’re much less likely to run into an acquaintance on the way to your appointments abroad.

Convenient Location

In terms of traveling distance, Mexico is relatively close to America, with a total flight duration of twenty minutes at least and a few hours at most. Furthermore, thanks to the positive relationship America has with this neighbor to the South, you’re sure to feel welcomed. Some surgical centers even offer lower-priced medical procedure packages to patients from the U.S. If you want, you can also head to Mexico early to enjoy a vacation before your big operation, helping you to feel more relaxed and optimistic before the big day.

Experience in Serving Medical Tourists

Many medical facilities in areas of Mexico such as Tijuana have opened their doors to American patients for years, which means that they have ample experience and expertise in serving medical tourists. You can expect warm hospitality from compassionate, service-minded staff and surgeons that speak English fluently, especially in areas close to the U.S. border that welcome large volumes of English-speaking tourists.

Higher Quality of Life

A prevalent problem many people face when seeking bariatric surgery in the U.S. is how long you have to wait to receive surgery. In recent times, you can expect to wait months for your turn to get your procedure. Medical tourism helps you to skip the queues and save on extensive waiting times by heading to Mexico instead. Furthermore, due to its popularity as a medical tourism destination, there are a great number of resources and platforms to discuss with other patients with the experience. Hence, you’ll be able to achieve more sustainable and successful weight loss.

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