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We Got Bariatric Surgery Together: A Transformative Journey with TreVita

Embarking on a weight loss journey is a profound decision, and for Olabowale and Adetokunbo, the choice to undergo bariatric surgery became even more meaningful when done together with TreVita in Tijuana. In this blog post, we delve into their shared experience, highlighting the impact of getting bariatric surgery together and the role TreVita played in making their journey a success.

The Decision to Get Surgery Together

For Olabowale, the decision to undergo weight loss surgery was a significant one. She reflects, “Knowing I was going with someone really helped me make my decision to get weight loss surgery with TreVita.” Having a companion throughout the process provided a sense of reassurance and support.

Skepticism and Nervousness: Facing the Unknown

As Adetokunbo recalls, “When we learned about the gastric sleeve and gastric bypass in Tijuana, I was skeptical at first and super nervous.” The uncertainty about the surgical procedures and the fear of the unknown were common concerns. However, their decision to face these fears together became a source of strength.

Mental and Physical Support

The emotional and physical support they provided each other was invaluable. Olabowale notes, “Having the mental and physical support was so reassuring.” The duo found comfort in the fact that they were not navigating the journey alone. TreVita’s coordinated approach ensured that they had the necessary support at every step.

The Journey to Tijuana: Overcoming Fears

The prospect of traveling to Mexico for surgery initially brought about fears for both Olabowale and Adetokunbo. Adetokunbo mentions, “We were scared to go to Mexico; our families were worried for us too.” However, their experience with TreVita in Tijuana exceeded their expectations, alleviating any apprehensions.

TreVita’s Exceptional Support

Upon arriving in Tijuana, Adetokunbo shares, “The minute we got to Mexico, everything was okay. There was no room for fear with TreVita.” TreVita’s exceptional support, from coordinating travel to providing a comfortable environment, played a pivotal role in putting their fears to rest.

“TreVita did a perfect job alleviating our stress and fears,” says Adetokunbo. The seamless process ensured that they could focus on their well-being without unnecessary worry.

A Culinary Adventure and Weight Loss Success

Getting surgery together not only transformed their health but also inspired creativity in their lives. Olabowale highlights, “Getting surgery together has helped us get creative with our cooking; we are both from Nigeria so have been having fun finding new ways to cook our favorite things.” The journey became an exploration of wellness that extended beyond the surgical suite.

Post-Surgery Success

Reflecting on the positive outcomes, Adetokunbo proudly states, “I was 228lbs before getting surgery and now I am at 170lbs!” Their shared commitment to a healthier lifestyle post-surgery speaks to the effectiveness of the procedures and the ongoing support provided by TreVita.

Conclusion: A Journey Shared, a Transformation Achieved

In conclusion, the decision to get bariatric surgery together with TreVita proved to be a transformative and rewarding experience for Olabowale and Adetokunbo. The shared journey, supported by TreVita’s expertise and care, not only conquered fears but also laid the foundation for a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Embark on your transformative journey with TreVita, where getting bariatric surgery with a friend or family member becomes more than a medical procedure—it becomes a shared adventure towards better health.

getting bariatric surgery with a friend or family member


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