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The Truth About Sex After Gastric Sleeve

Bariatric surgery, the remarkable journey of body transformation, not only ignites incredible weight loss but also sets the stage for a thrilling rediscovery of pleasure. As you shed the excess weight and your self-esteem soars, you’ll find that the joy of intimacy takes on a whole new level of excitement. The question arises: when is the right time to embrace the passionate encounters that lie ahead? Join us as we navigate the delicate balance between healing and pleasure, exploring the optimal timing for intimate experiences and the surprising benefits after bariatric surgery.

Unexpected (surprising) benefits:

Very often, people who have undergone a bariatric procedure and/or experienced significant weight loss report having more energy, more flexibility to try different sex positions and are more sexually active than before surgery.

According to an study involving over two thousand bariatric patients, more than 70% reported improvements in their libido within the first year, and they  continued to report improvements even after five years after surgery.

According to medical research about Effects of Bariatric Surgery on Male Sexual Function, men’s erectile function improved after bariatric surgery, allowing them to also last for longer periods of time during intimacy.

The benefits can even involve length. After losing weight, some men have reported the loss of extra fat actually uncovered inches in the length of their male genitalia.

How soon can you be intimate again?

Most doctors recommend waiting at least six weeks before having intercourse after gastric sleeve surgery. This gives your incisions time to heal and decreases the risk of infection. Additionally, it takes about six weeks for most people to feel like themselves again after surgery.

Speeding up the recovery:

To ensure your recovery doesn’t slow down your intimate life, it’s important to consider factors and habits that could contribute to a slower healing process, for example:

  • Having poor nutrition
  • Not drinking enough fluids
  • Not following your doctor’s instructions
  • Underlying medical conditions compromising recovery
  • Excessive weight loss too quickly
  • Not getting enough rest or sleep
  • Excessive exercise too soon after surgery
  • Smoking or alcohol consumption
  • Stress or depression

What Can You Expect About Sex Immediately After Bariatric Surgery?

Even though your doctor may clear you to have sex after six weeks, you may not feel up for it. It’s not unusual for patients to experience a decreased libido immediately after surgery. This is partly due to the side effects of anesthesia and pain medication.

Communication is always key:

After consulting with your doctor to ensure you are physically ready before engaging in sexual activity, it’s always recommended to talk to your partner about your concerns and expectations. Above all, remember there is no rush—give yourself time to heal physically and emotionally before jumping back into intimacy with your partner.

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